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Thread: Howa short action detachable magazine conversion with 5 rnd .223/.204 magazine

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    Howa short action detachable magazine conversion with 5 rnd .223/.204 magazine

    Hi, Here I have for sale is a year old genuine Howa short action magazine conversion kit, including the 5 round .223/.204 magazine, and fitting instructions. The whole kit is in perfect working order, with minimal use and like new. The floor plate can be used on any short action calibre howa or weatherby vanguard. These retail at just over £100 new, I'm asking for £50 delivered first class, paypal and bank transfer accepted.
    Many Thanks
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    hi, will this fit a howa 1500 .204 with a laminated thumbhole stock?
    if so, i'll take this please.

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    Hi Dale, yes mate It will, being the genuine kit it will fit any original howa inletted stock, mine was in a bell & carlson. And the magazine designed to take both .223 and .204, and says so on the magazine if you take a quick look at this link or the fitting instructions should tell you all you need to know.

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    Second dibs if not sold already

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    Cheers Jack. I'll take it.
    Pm me your Paypal details.
    Just leaving for a shoot so won't be about for a few hours.
    But will send funds soon as home.

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    Ok mate will let you know. Waiting to hear from daddyo

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    If you find it doesn't fit daddyo I will take it off your hands

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    Pm sent daddyo, now sold guys unless anything changes

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