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Thread: Talking Stalking evening North Wales.

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    Talking Stalking evening North Wales.

    I thought I should restart the thread seeing as it's happening.
    Anyone in the surrounding area if your interested in a few hours with like minded folk.
    There's a few of us coming from Anglesey.

    "The DI is holding a 'Talking Stalking Evening' at The Eagles Hotel, Ancaster Square, Llanrwst, Gwynedd on Wednesday the 9th of July 2014.

    There will be guest speakers from BASC, Euston Estate and Alan Rhone Ltd - Gunsmiths"

    Talking Stalking Evening North Wales | The Deer Initiative

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    Hi Gelert,

    What time is it starting?

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    Just found it on the link - 7pm. I might struggle to get there on time after finishing work but I should see you all there

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    first speaker doesnt start till 7:30,according to the flyer.

     7.30 Graham Riminton (DI)
    - Introduction – North Wales Deer populations – Elwy Case Study
     8.00 Lewis Thornley (BASC)
    - BASC Deer Stalking Schemes: Arran and Thetford
     8.30 Erwin Peumans ( Alan Rhone Ltd – Gunsmiths)
    - Alan Rhone Stand – with scopes, mounts and moderators
     9.00 Chris Rogers (Euston Estate)
    - Managing the deer on the Euston Estate – Deer tagging scheme –
    Trophy preparation

    Food and drink available over the bar.
    There will be a raffle on the night.
    To book a place please contact Graham Riminton

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    Have penciled it into the calendar... Hope I can make it, but got to fit in around the rest of the family

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