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Thread: country file

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    country file

    When was the last time we saw,a gun,rod,hawk,or anything to do with feild sports.
    Its all farming,craft fair cuddly toy rubbish,going to stop watching this rubbish.

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    ok if you want to watch him with red head buying some exotic breed of whatever for his place,

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    I used to watch it faithfully, but recently only turn it on to check if Helen Skelton is presenting.
    If not it get switched over again. . . It's not that I love her girl next door looks, husky voice, and sporty style of course, it's just that I think she is an engaging presenter.. ..

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    hmmmmmm ellie
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    Watched the rubbish tonight.
    What's the Tour de France got to do with the countryside apart from the litter its going to generate.
    Neo-nicotinoids getting blame for be population drop when its the badger digging all the nests. Can't think why all of the nature lovers don't mention this.
    Have seen four nests dug out around one of my pens yesterday.

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    it seems full of mountain biking and art these days....

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    I stopped watching it a long time ago its gone down the pan.

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    Ellie Harrison....

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    Fair play Red-dot I do miss some bits of the show

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