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Thread: Thermocell midge sorter outa

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    Thermocell midge sorter outa

    Im looking into purchasing a thermocell watsit thingy for keeping them little darlings away from me when out stalking .

    Has anybody used one or uses one , what length of time does a fuel cell last and also the patch .

    Most importantly DO THEY WORK ?

    Also as my good friend Tony says Amazon uk is the best place ,Has anybody else purchased elsewhere ?

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    Ive had one for a couple of years now . i got it from greenfingers garden suppliers on the internet for a lot less than bushwear were asking, also the refills as well.
    In low/no wind they are great, in a highseat they will also provide protection for the dog if he is underneath.
    if stalking i clip it to my belt and it helps keep the buggers off but i still use deet as well.
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    bought mine on amazon

    you can also refill the gas canisters and recharge the pads with bought chemicals if the consumable costs make you wince

    If still with no breeze they definitely work. I use them if seated or just put it in my pocket with the top sticking out
    they do take a while to warm up and become effective and I do use midge repellent as well.

    The repellent stops the biting
    the Thermocell keeps them away and gets them out of your eyes

    They are also great for picnics etc
    for the money (20-30 with all the bits?) they are well worth it

    soon as the breeze picks up they will be less effective but then midgies are lees of a problem with a breeze!

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    Top gadgets they work great. I would not go out without mine in the summer it keeps the blighters at bay and always carry a refill, gas and card.

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    love mine for high seat gnat free zone bunny's from the motor is just heaven ,same fishing but if the wind is up go back to spray as well i refill my gas bottles for peanuts look on youtube for how to easy and far cheaper .

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    Paul O. Do you recycle the pads as well. If so what do you use and how effective is it.

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    No but i did find some other make called , Spira No -Bite not as big or as good but for short fishing they are ok in the basher ,not gone down the road of re-using the pads would't have a clue ! but i bet its also on youtube from over the pond as they use them more in the usa than i think we do .

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