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Thread: A Major Change

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    A Major Change

    Well my Lieca bins have been very good to me but I think it is time for a change. Do I go for lieca again or do I get a Swarovski. I have a choice of the two at around the same price.

    SWARO 8.5 X 42 EL,s or LIECA 8 X 42 Ultravid.

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    Pick them both up and get the one that feels right. I preferred the Swarovski but optically there was nothing in it IMHO.


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    Used a pair of Leica for 14 years no complaints. Would not buy Swarovski as I think they are over hyped and a bit of a so called must be seen with item. Good they may be but rather go with a make that's reputation sells them.

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    I've had a pair of 8.5x42 EL's for 7 years. I can't fault them. At the time it was a choice between them or Zeiss Victory and I just preferred the feel of the Swarovskis. Glass wise there would be nothing between them and the Leica's, handle both, see which feels best.

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    would go with the swarovski, great glass plus the service is first class

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