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Thread: .243 AND 3006 Ackley dies

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    .243 AND 3006 Ackley dies

    I have two Redding dies for sale 30-06 Ackley Improved , one is a full length die the other is a neck sizing die both in very good condition with the original box. Please note the neck sizer does not have the expander ball, I normally just swap the ball from the FL set, works just the same. They were part of a 3 die set from which I took the seating die. ....

    Yours for 60 plus postage.

    I also have a a RCBS .243 full length sizing die and neck die used to load just 80 rounds, still with box. Once again a three die set with seating die removed.

    Yours for 30 the pair plus postage

    Please PM me if you are interested
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    Please note withdrawn from sale.

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