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Thread: sako or tikka???

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    sako or tikka???

    Good afternoon oh wise members of the lands finest forum....

    I am in somewhat of a pickle. 2 rifles in the same cal, condition, barrel length, price (75 difference) and both blued/wood. Only one slot!!!!

    Which would you choose, as I cannot!!!!

    Tikka M590
    Sako L61r

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    Just out of interest what calibre & what sort of age?

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    the sako is a '68, Tikka a much younger 90's as far as I can gather.

    both in beautiful 7mm rem mag

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    I'd take the Sako, Sarge! 8)

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    Seconded! I had a Sako Finnbear in .270 and still regret getting rid of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    I'd take the Sako, Sarge! 8)
    is that an order

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    Yep Sako L61

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    The early Sako's are becoming sought after.

    But given equal condition, Sako every time for me. Cartridge specific actions instead of a "one size fits all" in the Tikka.

    A hard choice though, I do take your point! Could you shoot both and see which one you prefer? There is no bad decision on offer here.

    You will have to let us know what you decide, and why.

    Atb, ft

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    Sako Sako Sako every time time time

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    you havent told us the price - just the difference! the tikka will be over priced - unless the sako is 50

    seriously - the tikkas are ok, my mate shoots them in 22-250 and .243 - i think the sako is a bit more traditional in its looks and probably would suit the cardigan wearers among us.

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