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Thread: Cz 527 varmint problem

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    Cz 527 varmint problem

    I have a cz 527 varmint in a walnut stock it has always shot well but after fitting a zeiss scope I started to zero it but it would not zero properly the only way to get consistent poi was to do single shots and allow the barrel to cool fully between shots any more than a couple of shots and it started to shoot all over but once cooled down would return to zero.
    I have just realised that with the moderator fitted and the front of the stock supported the barrel is touch the stock even though it's ment to be a free floating barrel. I am thinking that the stock has warped and needs the barrel channel sanding out to float it again.
    Would the barrel touch cause the problem or is it likely to be something else causing the problem as the barrel gets warm. I know that the barrel getting warm affects accuracy but surly a heavy varmint barrel should take more than 2 shots to overheat even in the hot weather we are having at present.

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    recheck the scope fittings if as you say it shot ok beforehand,have you fitted a bipod? why would the stock have warped? is it a new mod,? if so is it heavier thus moving barrel at all,
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    Good chance the barrel touching the stock is changing the harmonics of the barrel hence your experiencing problems with consistency.

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    Seriously? Changing a scope altered the caused the stock to warp?? Isn't that grasping at straws?? Have you mounted the scope so far above the line of bore that parallax erroehas taken hold?? I agree with Mr Fox. Check that the scope is A mounted correctly, and B working correctly. What chambering?? What ammo? Same as you always shoot??~Muir

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    The scope is tight nothing else has changed same bullets same mod, it shoots well as long as I let the barrel cool fully between shots the problem only occurs after 2-3 shots as the barrel warms. Last time I zeroed it with old scope I had some trouble but it was quite windy so I put it down to wind as soon as wind dropped (and the barrel had cooled) it shot bang on so I just used it and it has been prefect but I don't put enough rounds through it to heat it at all when hunting with it so the problem would never show up.
    i shot a crow at 100yds tonight with it but I doubt it would hit 3 in quick succession

    and no changing the scope didn't cause the stock to warp ( even thinking that would be stupid) most likely the wood has warped over time and has now reduced the clearance between barrel and stock so that the weight of barrel and mod now flexes the stock till it touches the barrel
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    is the rifle on stand/bags whatever when zeroing ,is it fixed so it cant move,if you shot something at 100yds it cant be that far out,
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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    is the rifle on stand/bags whatever when zeroing ,is it fixed so it cant move,if you shot something at 100yds it cant be that far out,
    It is zeroed and shoots well as long as the barrel is cold ie 15 mins between shots it is only after 2-3 shots it wanders off

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    have you had someone else try a few shots see if its driver error

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    If it is driver error why would it only be when the barrel is warm. Also with my cz452 22 I can shoot 4 shot ragged holes at 50yds from the same shooting position

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