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Thread: Drinks chiller

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    Drinks chiller

    Can anyone tell me what height I will need my gambrel at in a drinks chiller to get a fallow in ?
    Im not sure if I put an S hook through the top shelf it will be high enough but thought I would check before I spend time altering it.


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    It should be high enough, this is a standard drinks fridge, 2 's' hooks through the shelf then a gambrel.


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    Cheers Richard I will measure up to the bottom of the shelf later and see if its similar to yours.

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    Hi Richard mine is 54" from the shelf to the floor, when you get a minute could you check your fridge please.
    Many thanks Andy

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    Andy, I've typed this a few times on here before (and god knows, most folk on here know more than me about stalking) but...

    Use a big hook and hang them by the aitch bone. Loads of space that way...

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    Thanks for the tip.

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    this is the idea ive had for mine,as it's not square right to the top,and i reckon i loose a good foot and a half from the top shelf to the top of the chiller.
    the trouble is it tapers in the back,so a solution is two angle pieces going up and a bar across,just enough room to get a rotation s hook between.

    I don't personally want to drill any holes,its taken me a year to get the bloody thing,i can get two roe no problem,a single fallow buck and a stag cut in half.

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