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Thread: .308 130 grain Hornady SP

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    .308 130 grain Hornady SP

    Has any one loaded .308 130 grain Hornady Soft points using Vit 140?

    If so what results were you getting?


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    Sorry but I use Hodgdons BLC-2 with the 130 grain Hornady's in .308, I also used them in 30-30 with H-335 to excellent effect of Deer. In a Parker-Hale 1100 Lwt it shot this 3 shot group at 82 yards:-

    The three shots spread above was a test of an old load with a the Speer 200 grain bullet which it didn't like.

    I hope that helps slightly.

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    If I can get it to group like that I will be a very happy man.


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    Well I am not complaining I just have to get to plods to put this on my ticket for shooting and stalking. They sort of messed it up and put it for collection only.

    However the Hornady 130 grain bullet has shown excellent accuracy as well in otehr cartridges:-

    That is another 3 shot group shot with that bullet but this time at 100 yards shot on Bisleys Short Siberia range several years ago in a 30-30 bolt action rifle. It has also been used of Muntjac, Roe and Fallow deer to very good effect. Of course those groups were shot from a sand bag rest, only a front bag, but a bag none the less.

    I have loaded some of the 130 grain Hornadys over BLC-2 to try out in the 30-06 and we will see how it performs in that .

    Sadly I never got on very well in reloading rifle cartridges with Vhit powders .

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    You're probably past reading this, but I recently worked up a load for a .308 Steyr Pro Hunter and got less than an inch group at 100 yds with Viht N140 form 45.5 to 48 grain with hornady 130 grain SP. OAL .04" off lands. The most accurate was at the top end 48 grain .6" group, 2900fps. Prone with bipod and 6 x scope.


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    I have fianly settled on 47 grains of 140 and I am getting 2800 from my 20 inch Tikka T3 Hunter

    Shot from a harris bipod.


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    I used the Hornady SP 130's with Viht 140. This was through my SSG and the groupings were reasonable at an inch.

    I later tried Varget and the group tightened up. There was also, I believe, less felt recoil.

    A typical example of barrels having preferences. If I wanted to group with the rifle - then Varget for me in this barrel, but if it was simply killing deer etc - the Viht 140 would be more than adequate.

    Some very nice grouping in the above threads. Congratulations.

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