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Thread: DSC 1 Done

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    DSC 1 Done

    Just got back from Eskdale having done my level 1 with Ronald Rose.
    i'm really glad we went to him as we got so much more for our money. the mans knowledge of deer was amazing and we got to meet his dad.
    I would recomend EWWM to anyone thinking of doing level 1.
    so do I bother with Level 2 or not?


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    I just got my level one in November too. I'm not registering for level two yet until I've shot at least another 4 or 5 deer. Advice I've had so far is that no point rushing it, it's not a race.

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    hi...firstly congrats, i am hoping to do my DSC1 in the next 12 months! secondly, and i dont want to derail this thread, but i checked the EWWM site and it appears to be a cheap method compared to the likes of BASC and BDS? the trouble is it is too far from us near to Southport. Does anyone know of any other groups in the Lake District/East Yorkshire that offer this course at a similar cost...

    again appols for asking but if anyone can pm me with details it would be greatly appreciated! and again well done!!


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    stu dsc1

    Hi Stu,congratulations on your dsc1 8)

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    Pros and cons for level 2, It will depend on where you plan to stalk in the future some places now ask for it and I suspect that will increases.
    Itís my view the way that things are going; more so in Scotland, the need for level 2 to stalk will become essential,
    You cant help but feel if there is money to be made (bureaucracy) it will spread through the uk.
    I would get it done you never stop learning and it will teach you something you always pick something up.
    There are a lot of good stalkers who have never done either level 1 or 2,
    So do it if you can after all its enjoyable.


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    Congatulations on your level 1.
    It all depends on your experience if you can go to level 2 or not. You should also ask yourself if you need it. In my area the only stalking I could find was with very few syndicates, all stalking the FC land so level 1 and 2 was required. I did my level 1 in September 2009 and level 2 3 months later. If you need level 2 and feel confident do it straight away.


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    well done Stu, told you it would be a great couple of days with Ronnie.

    I registered for my DSC2 on the day I passed the DSC1, but only because it was quite a bit cheaper to do so. Bonus is, of course, that Ronnie is now my assessor!

    dont worry about the distance mate (you are not far from me). its an easy, direct drive and it soon passes. from memory, I think it was about 3 1/2 hrs from door to door for me. take a pal with you and the chat will soon over take any thoughts of the drive.

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    cheers manc,

    i have relatives just north of Stirling and it isnt far from there...would just need a bit of planning to keep the family happy as well. may do it as a trip up to them for a break, where i vanish of for the first few days etc.... will have to see. I take it it was a 3 day course?


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    2 day course,
    intro, bit of coursework and the shooting test on day one.
    head down all day and then the tests on day two.

    intense, but certainly managable and nothing to worry about. put the work in on the book before you go and you will fly through it. dont put the time in on the book, and you could struggle

    the reason Ronnie can do it in just 2 days is that he expects you to have most of the knowledge already stored upstairs whether through experience or grafting on the book


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    thats good as a lot of courses are 3 or 4 days!!

    i have the bds manual and more recently the DCS best practice manual [a better product in a lot of areas] through quite a few times as there arent many around me who stalk. i am speaking to a fella who may well let me accompany him to help and for experience, so will wait and see [and hope!!lol]

    certainly 2 days away out of a holiday is more acceptable to the other half...may even try to do it around the scottish game fair at Scone Palace!!

    ATB and thanks...good luck with the level 2 as and when you decide to do it!

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