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Thread: Shooting chrony F1 diffuser

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    Shooting chrony F1 diffuser

    Hi guys
    Does anyone know where I can buy a new replacement plastic diffuser for a Chrony F1 in the UK, or has anyone got a spare one ?.
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    Make some out of a big, semi opaque, polythene bottle. Tough, easy to cut & obscure enough to diffuse the light.
    That's what I've done - My chrony is the original one with cardboard screens that supported the screens. The cardboard ones are no longer servicable, but the Chrony is still working perfectly - not bad for in instrument in the field of fire for 20+ years!


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    Thanks for the tip Ian, but I need to replace one I've damaged for a new one. The unit is not mine, I borrowed it.

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    did it get shot?....

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    Yes I'm afraid. Just clipped rear diffuser and broke some off.

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    try Midway uk thay look nr the same as my ProChrono ones

    Competition Electronics 2 Diffusers and 4 Rods for ProChrono Chronograph

    Product nr.: 128143 | Manufacturer: Competition Electronics 11.95

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    All sorted now guys, cheers.

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