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Thread: Sightron scopes

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    Sightron scopes

    I am looking at upgrading the scope on my hmr was looking at a sightron stac. What are peoples taughts on this or are they worth it

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    Very good scope. You won't go wrong with any sightron.
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    I have just purchased a sightron Sii bigsky for my .243 and i LOVE it.

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    just sent mine back problem with reticule moving manufactured in philapines not japan was a nice scope ret very fine mabey to fine hard to pick up fast on targets some nice features on it but changed to the new 6x24x50iluminated s3 as upgrade same ret moa2 but slightly hevier purchased mine as I was told good with night vision never got the chance to test it so cant coment turets good illuminated dot nice as are the gripey bits better than the s3 for in fackt s3 could do with all the bits fitted to the stac mabey they will one day stac glass very good same as s3 id get another but they don't have eney to replace them with if you get a problem hence I now have the s3 not ideal but better than bugger all john at sightron did his best gave me a good saving on the new s3 so no complaints there very good servis from aim fieald sports

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