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Thread: Hello from Scotland, Clackmannanshire

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    Hello from Scotland, Clackmannanshire


    Just found the forum, looks v good. I only started shooting game 4 months ago. Been out shooting Pheasant, Duck, Geese, and Woodcock in the Clackmanninshire area. Im currently in the Forces (22 years in the infantry, due out soon)therefore got a bit of a shooting back ground (SA80, 30mm cannons and Chain Guns, dont leave a lot of meat on the bone). Would like to get out more, got a Browning over/under, still trying to hit the barn doors (more use to optical and thermal sights). Will be looking at get something suitable of deer after a bit more experence. Im doing my DSC level 1 cse in the April and hoping to progress onto level 2. If there is anybody in or around my neck of the woods pse get in touch and we can get a morning out, always willing to learn and would assist for free (carrying, driving, beating, loading, spotting etc etc) to get some experence .

    All the best,


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    Hi, welcome on board. There are a few from the central belt on here. A few names will crop up. Get a couple of leasons on that smoke stick, The pesky pellets in theory hit every time. But they don't understand that. Check Help the Heroes on here re MOD stalking, You may get som help from them prior to discharge,

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    You will get loads to help on this site and you will get pointed in the right direction if you ask.
    Good luck with your level 1 & 2 but I would put plenty of time stalking before level 2.



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    North Lanarkshire, the land that Summer forgot.
    Try central scotland shooting ground for lessons if thats not to far from you.

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    Hi, as an infantry ex RSO living in Stirling am curious to work out who you are. Are you a red hackle man?

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    Oh ye Black Watch do not weep, twas not you who shagged the sheep.
    But o'er the hills and far away, came the cry of Cabar Feidh!

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    sorry for the delay, not been online for a while due to change of jobs. White hackle staying through in Tullibody. Done 2years with the 42nd in Germany. What part of the Regiment are you now?

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