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Thread: starlight arrow is it ever worth the wait

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    starlight arrow is it ever worth the wait

    ive got a starlight arrow on order and im really asking my self is it worth the wait ive ordered it through scott country who to be fair to them are NOT the problem its starlight themselves who just seem to pi55 people around from pilar to post with false information and just bare faced lies about when they will be sending the units to scott country i feel sorry for scott country having to deal with starlight as if i didnt know the situation i would have cancelled my order a long ago. i know im tempting fate but i really hope that nothing goes wrong with my arrow (if it ever gets to me) because if it has to go back to starlight knowing there rate of work we will be on gen8 kit by time i see it again.

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    When it eventually arrives you will have to change your name to sir lamp a little

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    have mine and can say it was worth the wait, well for me it was the people who i have shown it to have agreed,
    how long have you been waiting i waited 5 months for mine


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    Originally promised mine by mid Feburary, several phone calls by me enquring when it would arrive resulted in them pushing the delivery date back by one or two weeks.
    Eventualy arrived early early June, 14 weeks later than expected, even then didn't come complete with the firefly.
    As I started setting it up and testing the unit it promptly broke!
    Since then its been three weeks and I've rang them every week to be told they will send a replacement the next day, unsurprisingly it doesn't turn up!
    Very unimpressed with the level of service, no matter how good it is will not be ordering any more products from them.

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    It happens all too often, especially to smaller companies in markets where everyone wants the newest, shiniest, thing: the manufacturer has invested in development and is anxious to start balancing the books as soon as possible; in consequence he makes unrealistically optimistic estimates of when a product will be ready to market; and for the same reason he stokes up demand ahead of that date; and when the inevitable technical and production and QC hiccoughs arise he goes into crisis mode (usually involving bodges and increasingly implausible excuses)... and unless he's very lucky indeed, the end result is that by the time the product is really ready to sell, a year or so down the line, its prospects have been blighted by the fact that too many people have already got cross or lost interest.

    Jumping in early as a buyer is always a risk. There's an outside chance you may briefly get to be the first person you know with a cutting-edge toy, and a strong possibility that you'll spend a lot of time waiting for delivery, then repair, replacement or a refund: none of which will be half as much fun.

    I'm sure Starlight will get the Arrow right, and get good units out, in due course, but anyone who expected a such niche outfit to get everything right on schedule probably expects to win every time they buy a lottery ticket.
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    hi well I have had my arrow since early may
    and ok I bought the cheaper one but with a fire fly a great peace of kit . I don't understand what the problem is starlight have bent over backwards to help me
    also five other keepers around me have also bought the arrow from starlight with the fire fly and have had no problem
    maybe people should look at things with there glass half full and not half empty

    I do fill that if you speak to Julian tell him what the problem is hill will solve it

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowland keeper View Post
    I do fill that if you speak to Julian tell him what the problem is hill will solve it
    to be honest lk its a very long story and one i dont really want to get into on a open forum but i did speak to julian and lets just say i didnt find him that helpfull at all but thats water under the bridge now

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    ok sir lamp a lot
    glad you have solved your problem

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