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Thread: Help Sako Optilock

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    Help Sako Optilock

    Hello all have just bought a new Sako 75 Finnlight .270 and need to order some mounts for it. Scope is Schmidt bender zenith 2.5 - 10 x56. Looking at optilocks but cant work out if i need low medium or high rings. Can anyone help? Thanks

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    i have a swarovski 2.5 - 10 x 56 on my sako, im sure mine are medium! hope that helps.

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    Thanks Robbo it was medium i was thinking would be right, very confusing on the sako website, as they make out that the extra low would fit but am sure thats not the case.

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    F#*king hate optilocks.

    I bought a set of mediums to mount a 3-18x50 Z6 on a Sako 75 action. They mount the scope with about 10mm of clearance above the barrel. Far too high for my rifle. This may be because the Z6 tube is quite long and the Objective lens is about half way down the barrel.

    And now of course I have used them they are "secondhand", though they were on the rifle for 10 minutes.

    They are the blued version. If you want them, make me an offer!

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    Got a swaro 8x56 on my Sako using the extra low optilocks.Enough clearence to fit Butler creek covers.

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    Same as Scotspine except mine are low Optilocks on an 85

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    Go atleast low.

    |The mediums are too high for a 56mm

    If you want it looking the best go as low as poss but I know 100% low will accommodate a 56mm with BC's

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    thanks for the advice going to go with the low ones. Cheers Andy

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