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Thread: Knife sharpener

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    Knife sharpener

    Anything on the market that actually works and fits easily in a pocket? I normally carry a small fine swibo steel, but it doesn't fit in my pocket?

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    Falkniven DC4

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    a well sharpened quality knife will not need sharpening, while in the field, not tryin to be funny but if your angles are right, you should be able to gralloch several deer at least.

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    +1 with Taff. Its just another thing to carry and loose on the hill.

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    I think you're right Taff , had a gerber and snapped a bit of the blade out! Got a black fox good for reds but a little on the large side for anything else. An old style buck which has good steel but a gut hook on it. Any suggestions on something around 4/5"" blade that is quality around the 100/150 mark?

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    For touch up, and for serated blades, Smith's Pocket Pal.

    Smith's Knife Sharpeners -‎'s-Sharpeners

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    Get yourself a Mora knife, cheap and hold edge and a Lansky sharpener.
    That way if you loose them out stalking you have lost 22 not a small fortune.

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    Or one of the Bushwear ones in bright orange, at a fiver. Just about impossible to mislay, even in deep heather. Have a search on Amazon for a diamond steel, some reasonable ones around for a tenner. Sorted on both counts......and if you lose either, it hasn't broken the bank
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    I picked up a miniture steel at the gwct game fair a few years back im sure the stand was called D L TROTH does a lot of good knives and sharpening steels . Its always in my pocket and handy after breaking feet or briskets.....scott

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    Hi Danny,

    Try the Blade Tech Sharpner -

    Will sharpen all types of blades, fits in pocket, light to carry. good to use in field for touching up knife quality.

    Lindsay at BushWear

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