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Thread: Scottish Red Stag Trophy Weight

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    Scottish Red Stag Trophy Weight

    What are the minimum factors, i.e weight etc for a Scottish stag trophy. Is scoring different from the rest of the worlds Red stags?

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    The CIC scoring in Scotland is different to the scoring for stags from elsewhere in the UK. You need 160 for a bronze Scottish stag but 165 in England and Wales which share the same medal thresholds as the rest of Western Europe bar Norway (same as Scotland), Silver in Scotland comes in at 170 whereas in England and Wales it's 180, Gold in Scotland starts at 180 but in England and Wales you need 195. Having said that I believe that the Western Europe so England and Wales threshold for Gold is going up to over 200, I don't know if the Scottish thresholds are going up.

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    This is the head I am talking about, just wondering what the weight starts at.

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