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Thread: Remington vssf 25-06

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    Remington vssf 25-06

    I'm selling my 25-06 as i'v seen another rifle I'd really like to buy it's a good solid rifle that I purchased from an SD member back in March, I'v since fitted a H-S precision bottom metal. please see link for pics, rifle is in excellent condition.

    Remington .25-06 700 VSSF Bolt Action Second Hand for sale. Buy for 850.

    Advertised elsewhere

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    Can you confirm barrel length please? Chap you bought it off claimed 26" but you've had it re-threaded and advertised as 26"? I'm guessing it must be nearer 25" now?

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    No sorry monkey he was the one that had it threaded when he purchased the rifle originally! It was done before I purchased it.

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    No Lance its this one, and as already stated was done before I purchased it!

    For Sale: Rem Sendero .25-06
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    Rifle sold pending.

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