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Thread: Silver Stag Knives Four various ones.

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    Silver Stag Knives Four various ones.

    A popular Series featuring 440C stain resistant steel, the highest strength hardness, and wear resistance of all the stainless steel, (post heat treatment). 440C is an established high carbon stainless alloy and has the ability to retain excellent hardness and wear resistance. The Crown Series is manufactured primarily with Whitetail, Mule Deer, and occasionally Elk antler.
    The blade designs range from 2 3/4" upwards in length and every knife is accompanied with a handmade leather sheath

    All new and never used, 2nd class P+P included ..leather sheaths included.

    Gamer 35, Fillet 40, Mini Patch 25, Damascuc Crown 45

    Gamer:- (about $90 New domestically) 75mm blade 165mm overal.
    Attachment 43747Attachment 43748
    Fillet :- $98 (Domestically) 170mm blade 270mm oal
    Attachment 43749Attachment 43750
    Mini Patch 40 in the UK 70mm blade 170mm oal
    Attachment 43751Attachment 43752
    Damascus Crown 115 UK 100mm blade 220mm OAL
    Attachment 43753Attachment 43754

    I just put small photos on here to save space, I will email across any if you require larger snaps.
    Gary Beechener

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    I woul like all four if they are still available.
    Just let me know how you wish to be paid
    If a wolf can take down a deer from either flank, does that make him bambidextrous?

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    Sent you a PM.
    Gary Beechener

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