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Thread: Roe destruction?

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    Roe destruction?

    The estate where i shoot on is in the Scotlands Garden Scheme where visitors come from all over the planet to see rare trees and flowers of which many are imported and valuable. Roe are devastating the sapling Acer and Rhodie plantings.
    The gardeners have complained to the estate factor who will appoint a deer controller to come in and shoot said deer.
    I can do it but with the does being out of season and now with fawns at foot plus yearlings too where do i stand legally?
    I suppose i would be doing the same job as a contracted controller and i do not want to incurr costs to the owners or get into trouble with the bobbies??
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    I am sure a quick call to SNH will put the legal light on it.I think the first you can kill a female is September unless for welfare reasons.

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    What efforts have already been taken and have failed to exclude the deer from the plants/trees?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Its open to the public so deer fencing is out?

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    SNH is just down the road from you so you could drop in. They may refer you to their HQ in Inverness though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Its open to the public so deer fencing is out?
    They have a great system local to me deer fencing with spring gates work well.

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    You are stuck until 1st September re doe shooting. You will be able to print SNH blurb on the subject and show it to the landowners so that they are aware that no one can make a move before 1st Sept. This should prevent them from putting someone else in place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    Its open to the public so deer fencing is out?
    Ally go up to the safari park and ask for a bag of lion turd . Pest controlers use this against deer as non - lethal methods . The smell of ammonia keeps the deer away if you spread it were you want. Hope this is of any help....scott

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    Ha, i use menstruating Tiger wizz...

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    you need a roe whisperer, rd

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