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Thread: a lovely place to be

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    a lovely place to be

    hi all

    over the weekend just gone i put together a high seat to sit on the edge of a wood.. it took the best part of Saturday to get the wood make the seat and give it a extra cover of weather proofing..

    on Sunday afternoon i dismantled it into the ladder section and seat.... it just about fitted in the car with all seats down i did sweat a bit as i didn't think it was going to fit but it was ok in the end..

    i got to the farm in the sticking heat and had the joy of carrying the high seat 300 yards into position to say it killed me was a understatement i was soaked with sweat...

    i finally got it up in the tree and made sure it was stable and could take my weight.. i sat there for three hours it was the most chilled out iv been in a while almost close to nodding off i cant think of a better way to spend some time it was a cracking day loads of wild life out sun blazing it was just a treat .. i slowly began to see deer move first i called in a roe doe with a kid they where very interested in the call and got them with 40 yards of the tree .and then it happened i took a royal miss.... a munty came out from cover and i shot clear over its back i had taken the 270 and i reckon i snatched the trigger a bit and the round sailed passed i was mega peed with myself and left the seat very disappointed ... all night i had the poor shot on my mind so next day i though sod it im going back to see if i could correct my shot ..

    luck was with me i had only been in the seat for half an hour and the little munty appeared in the same spot this time i had my trusty tikka it was a long shot but felt confident .... the munty that had slipped me the day before was now down ......

    seat ready

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    thanks andy...

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    Nice, if you are leaving it out in the weather, you may think about putting cleats in between the steps so that they are supported by more than just a couple nails or screws. Myself, I'd do it anyway being a little on the heavy side......

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    Nice erection mate!! Enjoyed the write up too and I know what you mean, you can't beat sitting out in the highseat this time of year when there's plenty about!!

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    Nice work, that must be very satisfying. I hope that is the first of many enjoyable days to come in the seat.

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    im sure it will be .. its addictive i just keep thinking about going back... lol

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    The tread title says it all. Well done.


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    lovely, i can keep it warm,

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