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Thread: Shot some rabbits at last

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    Shot some rabbits at last

    Rabbits have been in very short supply for a long time arround us, so Monday eve was a turn up for the books.

    I had the kids all weekend and all the 4 youngest were honing their air rifle skills in the back garden. No 1 son spent most of the afternoon cleaning his .22 lr (XIV carbine).

    He has had it since late 2013 but not used it much. Its now equiped with a 4-16 Vortex Viper which is an excellent scope.

    Anyway bemoaning he hadn't been out shooting we agreed to go out Monday eve.

    Silage was cut early last week so things were looking favourable, anyway into the first field nice 3/4 grown bunny on hedge, drive to 50 yds slew motor arround and all I hear is the firing pin strike and one dead bunny. Good start into next field 200+ crows up top end so we have a speculative drive, all but two take flight son lines up on one at 100+ yds but like all carrions it knows the score and departs, however Jackdaw doesnt, all i see is a puff of soil hear a thud and jackdaw sorted.

    I am impressed: round the field we go and see two on the field edge and one on the bank.I get him on the pair tell him to shot the furthest and both are clinically head shot, turn arround get on the one on the bank and that is swiftly terminated.

    Gosh my son is looking rather good. So the night progressed and on the lamp it was all the same. Anway we called it a day at 11pm 14 rabbits and 1 Jackdaw from 16 shots.

    Son v pleased me thinking got a hours or so getting them preped into the fridge.

    Anyway very good night will be intresting to see how my son gets on with his army range day in a couple of weeks time.

    For info silencer is an Weirhech make and is unbelievable quiet much better than my Parker Hale and Logun.


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    Sounds like your son is quite the shot! Glad you had a good night and sorted some rabbits.


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