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Thread: the time all dread coming

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    the time all dread coming

    Had to take my best buddy to the vet Sunday morning (out of hours ) his little heart had given up and he could not get his breath
    the vet look him over and said its time so we had to have him put to sleep .

    boy it hard to go through some like that after 13 years together

    Keep on going to the end you never no what's round the corner

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    You have my sympathies. Sorry mate. It does feel horrible but time does heal.

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    Very sorry, all you can do is remember all the good times. I too really dread it when that time comes. Chris.

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    Very hard time when it comes ! Feel for you , you have done the kindest thing though.

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    Its a terrible time when you lose your best mate.

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    I feel bad for you mate. Time to get yourself a new pup now though, there's nothing better!
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    Its bloody crap when you have to make the decision, Some great times and memories.
    regards Andy

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    Worst thing to have to do, but just think that you done your best for your Old Pal.

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    It know how you feel, I had to get my old lab put down last month. You have my sympathies, you just have to remember all the good times you both had. I buried my old lab where she found her first deer and it made me smile last week there was a doe and new born twins about 6 feet away from her.


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    I feel for you mate, as said before,get another pup, that will ease the pain

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