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Thread: preparation for a trip to africa

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    preparation for a trip to africa

    My trip to South Africa African Hunt Competition - Hunt Africa For Free is rapidly approaching i have been starting to get preparation in order and had my vaccinations yesterday for Hepatitis A, diphtheria,tetanus and polio. I also got my malaria prescription.

    so feeling a bit groggy today!

    would appreciate any other advice about other things to get in order from others who have been over there

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    - Take a lots of pictures, i thought i had taken plenty when i was out there but wish now that i had taken more.

    - Take more ammo than you will need.

    - Pack your bag and then take half of it out. You will be surprised at how little clothing you will need to take.

    - Extra copies of all your forms and letters of invitation from the outfitter.

    Enjoy the trip, i can't wait to go back and i look forward to your write up.


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    i think you can take 200 rounds per rifle. should i bring the full 200? i am only intending on bringing my 308.

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    Be aware of ticks as well, some areas can be bad. I always wear long light weight trousers, and in some badly infested areas such as parts of Zululand I also wore thin gaiters and sprayed them with Deet.

    That stopped em!!

    Other than that enjoy yourself, Africa will grab you by the heart that's for sure.
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    Take a look at: Shakari Connection | African Hunting Information for all the info you may ever need and more.

    Personal tips:
    Buy Permethrin pump sprays and do all of your clothing(a bit pricey, but worth it). Permethrin is designed to last for several washings(up to 6 IIRC) and will easily last for your trip.
    Take some oily base DEET preparation for use on your skin. The water based ones don't last long when you're sweating and have to be reapplied every 2-4 hours. The oil based ones I have found to last all day. I used Boots Repel Insect Repellent lotion for all four safaris. You don't need anything more than a 50% DEET content.

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    Just back from Namibia, 4shirts and two pairs of trousers were hung back up clean as a daisy. So yes don't bring a lot of clothes.Consumed 36 rounds in 7 days. Bring a sweater it is cold at night and in the morning.

    As advised already lotsa pictures!

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    thanks for the advice!!!

    am making a list.

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    What have the suggested for your anti-malarial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by enfieldspares View Post
    What have the suggested for your anti-malarial?
    Malarone. least side effects apparently.

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    is rabies and hepatitus b necessary?

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