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Thread: BASC discounts on new hi-lux

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    BASC discounts on new hi-lux

    Has anyone any idea of roughly what percentage of discount participating dealers are offering for BASC members?

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    Not sure about Toyota but I got in excess of 15% off a Nissan p/u

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    Any BASC member can call Nick Glazebrook on 01244 573004, he looks after all the car deals where BASC members can get a discount. The only rule is that you must have been a member for 1 year or more


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    Quote Originally Posted by timbrayford View Post
    Not sure about Toyota but I got in excess of 15% off a Nissan p/u
    Hi Tim,
    How much in excess of 15% may I ask.
    I know yours is a Nissan but I may be encouraged to change if it was good.
    I will be looking to change my Discovery soon and always get a good discount, it's called a loyalty bonus given by the dealer just for using him each time and, so far, have not found anybody to beat it.

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    says a bit about the mark up car dealers 'do you a deal' on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul at Fechan View Post
    says a bit about the mark up car dealers 'do you a deal' on
    There is always a 'Target' price that salesman have and the selling price which is quite a bit to give them leeway if they need your custom.
    My most recent discount, the Discovery I have at present, was almost a done deal, complete with discount and extras, when I mentioned a Landrover garage that I had to use the week previous when on holiday had offered me a better deal and I was given another 1k discount on the spot !!

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    good result though!

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    If you have the confidence to hagle you will get a better deal yourself I did.


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    Hi Jimbo, It's not that I have the confidence to haggle, it's that I haven't got the money to spare !!!
    I think I read somewhere in a Motor magazine where they listed the RRP prices and then there was another column listing the average price you could expect to pay after a discount.
    I always dive in straight to the recommended discounted price and haggle from there.

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    The discount that BASC members can get is over and above and discount the dealer will be able to offer, as its backed by the manufacturer and does not come off the dealers margin.


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