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Thread: Webley ????

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    Webley ????

    Not necessarily a rifle but ?? got this in the US in an estate collection, gentleman was a USNavy boy & spent lot of time in England so just don't know if it is real, Belgium or Canadian. I can take more pics if anyone needs them or Mods please re-locate this into the correct forum if necessary. Click image for larger version. 

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    top strap says English Constabulary but not RIC, again I'm not all familiar with English handguns so???

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAM Outdoor View Post
    top strap says English Constabulary but not RIC, again I'm not all familiar with English handguns so???
    Me either tbh, but did a quick google search and thought that looked the closest in appearance. Maybe a contemporary of the ric manufactured for the English police? Sure someone with some knowledge will be by soon, lol

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    I am not Webley expert, but that is a variation of the old Model 1868, and looks like the Irish Constabulary Model.

    Most Webleys you see are break actions, like the .455, used prior to and during WWI.
    The Webley Mk VI 1915 in .38 Special is the one most seen in the US and Canada.
    I had a .455 when I was 12 years old, traded it for an Enfield, and later bought a Mk VI. I would love to have a really nice Mk VI.

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    I have a very similar pistol but it is marked on the top strap as British Bulldog. Mine was deactivated and mounted as a trophy. The calibre is roughly .38 and it has a birds head grip and no lanyard ring.
    I was led to believe that mine was made in Belgium, it certainly wasn't made in Britain. I will post some photographs and post them later. I am told that many similar models were made around about the early 1900s and they all had similar names stamped on top. They certainly aren't up to the standard of a Webley.

    I think you are mistaken about Webleys being chambered in .38spl Southern, .38S&W (.380/200 British) but not .38spl.
    A pistol would never be marked English Police Mike, maybe a particular constabulary but not English Police.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Yes, you are right, .38 S&W, like the old S&W Model 3 break top was, and the Schofield in its own .45 S&W, instead of the .45 Colt. I sold it a long time ago, meaning to get a nicer one, and now the prices have skyrocketed.

    These break actions are the military revolvers, which can be reloaded quickly, and what was important for those days, while writing a horse. You can grip the reins and barrel in your left hand, and load with your right hand.

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    Here are a couple of photographs of my British Bulldog pistol.

    Attachment 43775Attachment 43776
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    The area in front of the cylinder is slightly different to the Webley RIC. The name 'English Constabulary' is a bit vague for a Webley made revolver. A Webley would have makers marks, probably on left side. the fit and finish don't quite fit with a Webley. It's probably a Belgian made copy, as 8x57 described. A lot of them were made in Belgium for the American market as they were popular, both the RIC and the copies. Custer supposedly carried a pair of RIC's at the Little Bighorn.

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    There were lots of S&W 1899 Models made for England. The modern version, the Model 10, the Victory, was made in .38/200 by the hundreds of thousands for British police and the Army. Later, many of these, labeled "Lend Lease", were rechambered for the .38 Special when they were brought back to the USA and sold to civilians.

    Some Webley Mk VI revolvers were converted to .38 Special, but the chamber is shorter, so it will only fire the flush wadcutter target rounds.

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