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Thread: cast antlers - trophy measurement?

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    cast antlers - trophy measurement?

    Would it be possible to measure a pair of cast red antlers under the cic system?

    My understanding is that where antlers are attached to a full skull, it is necessary to deduct 0.7kg from the dry weight. In the absence of any skull, I guess you take the weight as read?

    The reason I ask is that a keeper mate showed me a pair of 17 point antlers he picked up on his beat when he worked in Cheshire. They're colossal, bigger even than those I've seen on park stags. It'd be nice to see if they did make a medal if possible.



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    I don't think they can be measured because you will not be able to ascertain the three span figures. It would be interesting to see a photo and get the weights though.

    I once saw a massive East Anglian red stag shot but the two blokes involved in the killing of it were wronguns (Norfolk term!) so I didn't want anything to do with it. I often wonder what it would have scored. I didn't even take a photo.

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    Thanks for that. I'm kicking myself for not taking some photos, but I'll see him later in the year.

    He wasn't much into deer at the time, so the stag went unshot (at least on that estate!). Would have loved to see him on the hoof. The thickness of the main beams is unreal and the palmation on one of the tops wouldn't disgrace a decent fallow buck!


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    The other issue would be whether it was a wild stag or inside a fence as CIC will only score wild animals. Having said that there are some big wild stags in the Cheshire/Staffs/Derbyshire area.

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    Definitely wild and far enough from Lyme park for him not to have just skipped over the wall.


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    Cast antlers cannot be measured using the CIC formula

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