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Thread: General bad temper on here

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    General bad temper on here

    Is it just me or is the general tone of the forum members turned slightly grumpy . ..? It seems to me to be more cheeky replies and in your face posts !

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    wait till August 1st joy will return.

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    I am self aware enough to realise that I can be a grumpy sod at times. I try to avoid it but sometimes it just happens.
    I'm not about to start criticising anyone else, having admitted my own failings. I will say this though, I feel there a very few who can honestly say they don't have their moments (don't you?).

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    Now this is a football-free site all will return to normal.


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    my hands are up its me with the cheaky replies! atb doug, ps dont worry once im shooting i will be out of your hair, oops sorry i didnt realise

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    We should be able to like posts on here

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    I'm sure this is a "repeat thread".


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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    I'm sure this is a "repeat thread".

    When was it last done four years ago .whoops

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    i dont get bad tempered i just get confused a lot, i need to see a trick cyclist!

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    as in life sometimes you need a thick skin

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