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Thread: Muzzle brake

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    Muzzle brake

    Just a quick one boys and girls. I'm in the process of sending my 7mm rem mag off to see Dave at VALKERIE RIFLES to have a brake fitted as I'm bored of getting snagged in trees and to get a bit of weight off the thing (13lb & 24" barrel) Anybody have any experience with a braked rifle in this calibre?

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    Most find it makes them a pleasure to shoot - and don't lose the sight picture with the recoil as you normally do. Ear protection will be essential (for you and any mates nearby) due to the sideways porting. Quote "I'm bored of getting snagged in trees and to get a bit of weight off the thing" Are you having the barrel shortened too? I wouldn't want to shorten the barrel on a Rem Mag.

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    Hi Hayden , yeah I've heard they're a bit on the loud side with a brake (no pun intended) it sounds like an artillery piece with the mod off as it is! Not shortening the barrel as I know it needs the length. The mod I have is a sonic and adds another 8+ inches to it. I've heard this is quite a popular calibre in NZ, do you have any loading preference or ideas on loading for longish range red deer? I started a thread called BEST 7MM BULLET FOR RED DEER and got some mixed replies, so any real world advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Danny

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    I have a .270 with built in brake
    works fine, not convinced it is massively effective as the rifle is very light and the design is flawed IMO

    I run a different design on a 300wm and it is a massive improvement.
    huge reduction in felt recoil

    looks good too!

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    Cheers bewsher, I was next to a bloke at Dorking ranges on a 500yd day and he was using a braked AI in .300wm. Damned near sh#t my pants when he pulled the trigger, not so much the noise as I was wearing electric ear defenders, but the concussion! Can't wait!

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    I have never find them much noisier but that shock wave is fun

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    I'll PM you with my opinion for 7mm Rem Mag and long range reds (I did comment on your other thread too)

    This vid is from a NZ guy who makes muzzle brakes - I am in no way associated with him. It is a pretty good demo of what they do - you can find lots of good info and experience on the NZ hunting forum


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    No experience with your calibre. But many so-called brakes are ineffective, other than making a loud noise.

    The pepperpot style are easy to manufacture, but fairly useless. Plenty available from anyone with a lathe.

    Look at scientifically designed brakes, which have tapered rear facing lateral nozzles. No exits below the barrel, which can kick up dust and gravel into your face. They should be indexed to your barrel so the ports are horizontal. Or have a clamp on the thread to lock it in position.

    A really good one is very effective in recoil reduction, and not particularly loud to the shooter (but will deafen someone to one side).

    The blast is channeled backwards, so may be deafening to people near the shooter, to the side . Converse is that it subdues the report towards the target.

    Better than a (trendy) moderator in many situations. No moderator can reduce recoil better than a (properly designed) brake. At best a mod. will catch the gas blast then release it slowly through the muzzle or whatever other porting. A scientific brake will jet it backwards through designed nozzles and actively reduce recoil, forward noise etc.

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    I can vouch for the TRG brake. It does the job intended, and does it well. Just don't be next to one
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    Used to shoot my .300WM AICS with a muzzle brake.....there are many bare patches of Dorset heathland to show for it where the vegetation was denuded by the blast! It certainly reduces the recoil but woe betide anyone or thing either side of it...
    Needless to say it now wears a T8!!

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