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Thread: Estonia flights

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    Estonia flights

    Has anyone flown to Estonia with a firearm from the U.K.?
    If so, which carrier, where from and how did it go?


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    Mole hasn't been on the site for quite a while but he has just written an article in the shooting times about Elk shooting in Estonia so I should imagine he should know.
    Perhaps he will pop up soon and give you an answer.

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    By elk, is that moose ['elch']?

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    Hi. Never took a firearm from Estonia but have spent time there flying out of Tallin Airport. Small easy to get through airport. There 3 gun shops within 15 mins walk from the airport and they stock everything. If you have a European cert they will sell you everything. Bit cheaper than here.

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    If flights to Tallinn are very expensive or badly scheduled, you can always fly to Helsinki-Vantaa in Finland and cross the sea by 2 hour ferry. No additional documents needed, EU firearms passport and invitation to hunt are enough.

    Cheapest ferry prices are something like 20 Euro per passenger and 20 Euro for car. I had a quick glance at Helsinki-Vantaa car rentals and e.g. Sixt is offering cars from 50 Euro per day (there was a mention that cross-border rentals should be requested in advance). So in some cases this could be an option, and also enable you to move more freely in Estonia.

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    Thanks for the info lads. I cant seem to find an airport in the UK that flys direct.
    I'm sure someone will know.


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    I Flew direct from Stanstead with Easy Jet.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    That's what I needed to know.
    Are they anygood with transporting sporting rifles?

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    I also heard apart from the gunshops there are several other shops worth a visit within a 15m walk of the airport..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ian67 View Post
    That's what I needed to know.
    Are they anygood with transporting sporting rifles?
    Easy Jet are one of the easiest to deal with when carrying firearms, the last time I used them I think it was 25 each way and classed as Sports Equipment.
    They still have to be notified of course.

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