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Thread: Reds in Derbyshire

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    Reds in Derbyshire

    I was recently fishing on the Derbyshire Wye and am almost certain I saw red deer slots on both sides of the river in the wooded gorge just below Monsal Head. There were not many animals, possibly just two or three but one looked like a stag's slots. Can anyone confirm the presence of reds in this specific area?

    They would have to be pretty tolerant of disturbance with the amount of walkers using the paths and they may well be largely nocturnal. I know that there are reds in the general area but did not know that they were in the Wye valley.

    i also saw what looked like a single set of roe slots in the same area.

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    Have a word with Moe he shoots around there

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    To back up your comment re. reds in the general area, there are certainly increasingly regular reports of reds between Baslow and the Burbage valley (which again must be hugely tolerant of disturbance).

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    Deer if they choose too can be very tolerant of disturbance, especially if they have some thick woodland cover to hold up in

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    I saw a couple of stags not far from Ladybower Res around Easter. Anecdotal evidence suggests that 'a couple' escaped from Chatsworth three or four years ago and now there are around 300-400 in the area! Either they are having big litters or some of this intel is incorrect!

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    There's always been a few reds about bit I do hear thier numbers are increasing
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    There's been reds knocking about various places in Derbyshire for yonks. Doesn't take much for them to breed successfully and spread - which is what they have done. ATB
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    They are probably from Macc Forest. Macclesfield Forest was part of a former Royal Hunting Forest. The red deer have been there forever and are not escapees. The land is owned by United Utilities.

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    there are many in hope valley, around 10 escapees from chatsworth back in 1980s have reproduced to the huge numbers of around 400 from blacka moor to big moor. I wouldn't b surprised if there is some where you have seen slots. And can be very tolerant of humans as most people don't even know they're there (even during the rut they disguard the roars as moos from cows). So I there must be some if you've seen slots. If you have a spare £100 you can buy a trail camera to capture images and videos of the wildlife. work great for stags. I have a couple great piece of kit!

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    Thats really interesting Antler Hunter - thanks for the post. Big moor / Blacka Moor is where I've seen them. How accurate do you think the 400 figure is? Are there any visible issues with the population generating from such a small genetic base?

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