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Thread: One or two rifles?

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    One or two rifles?

    Our fox season recently reopened on June 16th; that`s correct, you read that correctly, foxes have a closed season here in Switzerland! Crops are high in the fields so it will be August before I can get real outings. Normally, I would use my 300 WM but this year I have decided to use my .243 Win with Winchester 55gr Silvertips. The trajectory is laser like and the 55gr bullets do the business. Night Vision is still illegal but that is hopefully going to change, but saying that I recently picked up a Starlight Archer which makes a great monocular for spotting. As for lamps, I use a Laser Genetics ND3-50 in conjunction with a Zeiss scope, which is almost similar to looking through an NV unit. Sadly the scope is not illuminated but I am thinking of switching over to my seldom used S&B PM11. The primary quarry are wild boar wh0 do a colossal amount of damage to crops but more often than not I see more foxes and badgers, which are also seen as vermin! It is my intention to shoot one this year. As I mentioned, I am tired of using my 300WM as it pulverises them. I am thinking of taking two rifles to the high seat. Does anybody else do this? Or should I just say feck it and use the 300? Many thanks

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    i am in no way an expert but i think in your situation,ie boar anytime/ foxes patroling yes if possible take two im not sure the same would apply over here unless there were two people in highseat/hide,, plus theres the added weight of two rifles/ammo plus any game shot,doug,
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    I quite often take two rifles to a high seat and sometimes carry two on the quad, the main reason was if I went for deer all I saw was rabbits etc and vice versa, or if I was out lamping rabbits I would see a fox further than I'd like to shoot a rimfire at, or be out after a fox and not want to waste a centrefire bullet on a rabbit, so now I carry a rimfire and a centrefire on a rack on the quad and take both up in a high seat

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    Often take two rifles, especially if out specifically for rabbits and foxes

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    Thanks for the feedback. Will go with two rifles. Accept that 243 might be overkill but much prefer the cartridge over .222 and 223 which I also have.
    Thanks again

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    300 every time.

    Use the 300.

    my experience with this round is that with the right bullet it is hardly effected by wind at reasonable 300m ranges. Out of principle of accuracy and consistency where wind may be a factor I would choose the 300 over 243 with light bullets.

    I take my 243 out when I'm after a Roe, 300wm for Aolq.

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    I'm a little confused as to why you don't want to use the .300 ? You say it pulverized them but if they're vermin and you're not eating them as long as it's humane and safe I can't see that it matters ? If it were me I'd take the .300 as I wouldn't want to be lumbered with carrying two rifles
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    I like to collect the pelts!

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    One rifle one job two rifles for two jobs nah ! You'll forget something loose something or knock something .if I'm Foxin I'm Foxin ...........blah blah just go out more often .

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    I have tried taking two rifles out and it is a pain in the ars-. I suspect, not knowing how much damage a 300WM does that a 243 with 55gr is going to do the same damage as they are explosive. I would be reluctant try these bullets on Badgers they have dense muscles and penetration may not be good enough.
    Try taking the 243 with different bullets for the different animals. A well placed 100gr slow expanding bullet in a pig/badger should be good enough and the 55gr for foxes. Range should not be a problem if using NV.
    The ultimate answer is just go for the one quarry one rifle.

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