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Thread: ***just one left ready now***

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    ***just one left ready now***

    Hi Guys
    I have got 6 fantastic black lab pups. 3 dogs and 3 bitches. they will be kc registered when they go.

    dam is my chocolate bitch Daisy, Sire is an excellant working dog his sire is drakeshead garth. really wide gene pool so less chance of the nasty genetic problems.

    I shoot over daisy and she is a really good and fairly steady gun dog.

    I will be looking for 400 per pup for them.

    please contact me by pm or by phone



    north lincolnshire.


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    these are the pedigrees for the sire and the dam. i wish they both had as much red!


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    ready soon

    these pups are looking great, they ar 5 weeks old now and starting on solid food, they are qgrowing well and soon will be ready. I still have dogs and bitches.


    north lincolnshire


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    Hi Swampy,

    When will these pubs be ready to go?


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    Hi Spark man,
    They will be ready next weekend.

    Still waiting for papers to come through though!

    apparently the kennel club have been very busy with crufts and are a bit behind.

    I am in North lincolnshire

    I have a dog and two bitches left unspoken for.


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    one left

    one dog left now guys. ready this week

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    i'm taking my bitch to meet a prospective "boyfriend/husband" on sunday.

    good working/trialing stud dog, owner is keeper on big estate and runs gundog club.

    she will be in season in july.


    when do i pay?
    what is going rate?

    any other advice welcomed.

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    just one left now

    one dog left now, i will take 300 for him, 8 weeks old and ready to go.


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