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Thread: any good fisheries for kids in the North East (put and take kind of thing)

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    any good fisheries for kids in the North East (put and take kind of thing)

    need to take two kids fishing and want them to actually catch stuff
    its their first time

    any ideas?

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    Where about in the north east I could name a few in Angus if that's where you are heading

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    could name a dozen but they all south of kirkham,nr blackpool, you will need landing nets for both ,basic gear luncheon meat not Pek or bacon grill dry feed pellets about two mm four mm soaked pellets you can make your own in seconds put couple handfulls in a poli bag enough water to cover tie off bag stick in fridge/or bag half hour before fishing check to see if theve soaked all water up if dry add a bit more ,you want them so you can hook them and they sink,sweetcorn green giants best,thats it enjoy ,cut meat into 4mm squares for the hook when fishing put some feed pellets down side as close to bank as you can get either side of your fishing peg,
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    ah, should have been clear

    anywhere between Edinburgh and Teeside

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    I like going to fontburn reservoir (run by northumbria water). It's 23 for a adult day ticket with 8 fish limit but it also allows you to take 2 under 18's free. You can use fly, bait or spinner when I go with the kids I just use bubble floats. It's also the same price for fishing at kielder and other northumbria water reservoirs. If you look on the northumbria water website it gives you more info.

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    Fontburn is a trout fishery, if it's coarse fishing you are after try Angel of the north. It's 12 adult day ticket and 10 per child. Travelling from Edinburgh it's easy enough to find, just take the A1 and keep an eye out for a giant statue. Best to look on the website as they do advise booking on line to save a wasted journey.

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    Fontburn is just the ticket
    didn't realise you could use anything there, thought it was fly only

    prospect of two ten year old boys and me with fly rods sounds like a knitting convention!!

    bait and bubbles it is!


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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    ah, should have been clear

    anywhere between Edinburgh and Teeside
    works on any carp water cheers, atb doug

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    Wherebouts you recommend in angus

    Winchester101. ????


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