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Thread: You know you're getting older when...

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    You know you're getting older when...

    Another birthday just gone (21 again) and certain things are happening, like doctors and police look a lot younger than they used to.
    I've heard of that one before but now it's happening to me. Also, policewomen don't seem to be called wpc any more...they're more attractive too.

    I was in a museum recently and recognised a piece of test kit called a Telegraph Distortion Measuring Set (TDMS..tidums as was called) and I used to use that!.
    They also had some Dell Optiplex pc's...I used to work on those!.
    Also, some kids looked at me in amazement when I started to send real morse on the display key set-up instead of just messing about.
    It wasn't easy as the contact gaps were so badly standards these days.
    They probably thought I was part of the museum.
    Oh well, I've got plenty more stalking and shooting days left...hopefully.

    Anyone else recognise the bands in the birthday card or got their own ageing signs?.
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    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Collectors of fishing tackle are putting 'wanted' ads in magazines for 'vintage reels' of the make and type that I own and bought either new or second-hand in the 1960s . Vintage indeed ! Damned cheek.

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    You know you are old when your back goes out more than you do!
    Also, you make the groaning/straining noise when you bend down?

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    You know you're getting older when.... open a bank account for your son so that he can get paid when he starts his joinery apprenticeship in August. I cudda sworn he was still a boy - he's becoming a young man. THAT makes me feel old!
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    when you tell the grandchidren that you put shoes on horses delivering milk

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    I was 48 the other day, where do the years go, the grey hairs makes you realise your getting older, I remember trying to grow a tash, now its mostly grey.oh well

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    you will no your old when your nose hair grows faster than that on your head or you get a ,promise, and cant be arsed,

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    You know your getting older,

    When it takes you ALL night to do once what you used to do all night !

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    the missus makes the grandkids look blank when she videos stuff on our hd recorder.and we have records and c,d,s what are those gramps i download my music.coming from a 6 year old thats scary though i can fake falling asleep when the likkle bundles of joy get to much

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    Yep I know the bands names but could not name a single track or album by two of them as they never held any interest to me. Being a bit behind the times it was only last year that I bought a copy of "Rumours" ........................ it's the anniversary edition as the original release was 25 years ago.

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