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    Cool H4381 sc

    Long shot I know ....but does anyone know of where I could get hold of some h4381sc doesn't seem to be any of it down in the southwest

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    Have you tried sportsman seeing as your close, or blue fox gun shop Crediton,that supposed to be a well stocked shop.
    Failing that,my local gun shop might have some i could bring with me next time I'm passing.

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    Yea mate spoke to all those guys they all said the same thing really about everyone struggling to find some but yea next time your passing by give me a pm and we could sort something out I'm sure

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    You will struggle to locate short cut anywhere - I've had two cases on back order for 9 months.

    Vit 160 is a good alternative - though similar burn rate it isn't exactly the same so if you do try it, you'd need to work up a load for it again.

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    give sportarm in dorchester a call they may have some.

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    If you find any buy a lottery ticket as well .


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    There is no H4831 available in UK dealers - none has arrived here from Hodgdon for a year and none will arrive this year, very likely during much or even all of 2015. That applies to all Hodgdon powders manufactured by Thales / ADI in Mulwala, New South Wales due to severe sea transport problems. That's H4198, H322, Benchmark, H4895, VarGet, H4350, H4831/4831sc, H1000, Retumbo and H50BMG under the Hodgdon name plus IMR-8208 XBR in the IMR range.

    Hodgdon ball technology powders (manufactured in the USA) will continue to be supplied: BL-C(2), H335, CFE223, H100V, H414, H380, LEVERevolution, SUPERFORMANCE.

    Also, Hodgdon is trying to make up the shortfall in the ADI powders by substituting Canadian manufactured IMR grades wherever possible: IMR-4227, 4198, 3031, 4064, 4895, 4320, 4350, 4831, 7828/7828SSC.

    Possible alternatives to H4831SC include Viht N160 (considerably faster burning), N560, N165; IMR-4831 (faster burning, NOT a straight substitute); Ramshot Hunter and Magnum, Lovex SO71, Hodgdon SUPERFORMANCE, Nitrochemie 'Reload Swiss' RS70 (due along with other Nitrochemie powders to be launched in the UK late this year).

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