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Thread: What do bees eat?

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    What do bees eat?

    Something I've never given much thought to before thinking that they collected nectar from flowers that was taken back to the hive etc where bees then used it as food in the form of honey.
    I saw something the other day that somewhat shook this theory so I took a short video on my iPhone. Before I post I'd just like to know what you thought / know what bees eat or could later explain what this one I saw was doing?
    Oh and I'll have to learn how to post the video from my phone!
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    Not sure about all bumble, masonry or solitary bees.

    Honey bees eat honey as you say and can get very angry when you try to take it off them. Watched a bee kill another last night, must have been a robber from next door or something. They feed pollen/protein to the brood (baby bees), the first feed to the larva is royal jelly but that is only a very small amount or they would become queens.

    Very interested to see your video and hear the story?


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    Ooh, forgot the second most important food source for honey bees. After we nick their honey they are fed sugar syrup or fondant to give them enough stores to get them through the winter!

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    All bee's eat honey of some form or another, although around here its usually what eat's bees, Badgers.

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    Bees eat honey wasps eat Marmite...

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    not sure i think its honey but not a lot ,only small mouth parts, hiya martin come on dont keep us hanging, doug,

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    Wasps live on lager.
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    Ok if this has worked there should be a video of a bee wrestling a caterpillar. The bee had hold of the rear end of the caterpillar in its mouth and was desperately trying to fly off with it. The caterpillar was still alive and using its legs trying to hold on to anything it could. I've done some Google work and found that wasps & hornets suck the insides from caterpillars but bees definitely don't (according to Google) I'm certain this is a bee

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    Looks like a bee struggling desperately to escape from the clutches of a very hungry caterpillar....

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    Quote Originally Posted by VSS View Post
    Looks like a bee struggling desperately to escape from the clutches of a very hungry caterpillar....
    Unless the caterpillar has teeth in its back side it's defiantly the other way around

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