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Thread: Leather tracking leads

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    Leather tracking leads

    Hey folks this is probably out there already but what do you all recommend for leads for tracking I have a nylon one but think leather must be better what do you think? And what type.

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    Hi M55.

    Think it has been discussed before, but can`t find the thread link.

    Leather is nice in the hand, and looks `traditional`, will last if cared for, but is a bugger to maintain after it has been soaked, and dried a few times, and can be difficult to use in really cold weather - although no doubt some will say different... . It can also be difficult to follow in low light, wooded / leafy terrain, due to its colour.

    The new variants, such as biothane, are highly visible - fluorescent, also durable, don`t suffer from +/- temperature, but are very low mainteneance, as they are synthetic. To some they may not be aesthetic, but if you are on a track of a wounded deer, that is not really relevant.

    I imagine it also depends on how frequently it will be used. Some of the UKDTR / UKSHA guys on here are using theirs day in day out, for training, and real tracks, in all types of cover / terrain / weather, so they need robust kit that is functional, will do the job, and not let them down when needed most. Biothane fits that brief.

    I have both, and 99% of the time, go for the biothane... but still like the leather version for occasional summer / dry weather use.

    Probably loads of different opinions from tracking people better suited that me - I am a novice at tracking.

    All the best.


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    Thanks Neil. Will look around just the nylon is a bugger for cutting your hands if dog goes off in a bit of a rush.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M55 View Post
    Thanks Neil. Will look around just the nylon is a bugger for cutting your hands if dog goes off in a bit of a rush.
    Neil's advice is good and pretty much spot on,
    at the moment I use biothane and find it ok even with a pup that pulls a bit.

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    I use all leather gear and when dry, a decent coating of neats foot oil is all it needs

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