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Thread: Howa .223

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    Howa .223

    New Howa .223
    1-9 Bergara 24.5" barrel 1/2" unf (can be chopped and threaded)
    Boyds Thumhole Stock
    Weaver bases
    Detachable Mag.

    Proofed and ready to go to a good home. 1200 shipped to RFD.

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    Nobody looking for a well priced semi custom .223?

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    rather have a 204 lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigboab29 View Post
    rather have a 204 lol
    Im on with it mate.

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    james i can say how pleased i am with it ! fit and finish are a credit to you , and the balance and point ability have surprised me !,ive only put some reloads through it so far from A.N.OTHER that to be honest over the crony were all over the place ! but its grouping at about 3/4/" at 150 yards so looks promising "i will try and work something up a bit better and heavier soon !"i have run the barrel in a bit 80 rds so far.It certainly looks different now to your pics after the coating has been added ,ive taken a couple of pics today on the landy bonnet but grey on grey just does not do it justice ,your deal has let me afford something that bit special at a genuinely affordable price ,there is no way i could have afforded a full custom build .Thanks for the deal you offered me and the speed you turned everything around .oh and what a difference on the re finish of the hornet crown and threading !until you see something done to your standard you dont realise what can or should be expected to be done and what some so called smiths turn out ,improved the grouping no end !


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    I like that, coating looks great.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    I like that, coating looks great.

    thanks neil ,yes it does work well !, though it really does not do it justice on a grey landy ,superb finish from jager sa ,it was james's suggestion on colour to work with the stock ,its the first rifle ive had coated and it wont be the last ,he did my hornet the same colour and thats the same quality of finish and his prices are excellent .

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    I too have had work done by James, can't recommend his work highly enough. His re barrelling work makes shooting a joy, producing very accurate rifles.

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    I see you've been treating yourself Glyn, very nice. . . .Good shootin

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    How much was the stock work? Im just getting a howa .243 would love a stock like that.

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