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Thread: Cars- i know completely off stalking....

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    Cars- i know completely off stalking....


    This is a thread about using cars for work etc. So if this doesn't interest you - little point in reading on!

    So, my scenario is that i own my own car for work 320d 2004 BMW. My benefits are that l get 350 after tax every month (car allowance) and l get 25p per mile (well worth running your own car l hear you say!?)

    So l bought the BMW a year ago with 77k on the clock with the intention of keeping it for only 18months-2years as l do 35-40K a year. Recently it has started to develop problems MAF/Turbo (APPARENTLY REALLY COMMON WITH 3 SERIES BMW'S!!!!!!)

    So i'm not happy and whilst nothing seriously has happened yet, and l have a good mate who's a BMW technician (they dont have mechanic's anymore???) who's looking after it for me - i'm now looking for something else.

    So this is what this thread is for - what are my options in terms of cars and what are peoples opinions on them. remembering that l do 40K a year and can service them myself (but thats about it!!) Please do not suggest anything French as l spitz on em..

    Seriously though what car is reliable enought to do 40K a year and be in one bit at the next MOT and doesn't loose to much value (i'm looking at the 6-7K mark)


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    Not really advice on cars, but what i would say is that the tax man allows you 40p a mile on cars, so look into claiming the other 15p per mile in relief.

    Tho were I to talk about a big mile eater, comfortable and reliable, I would look at a Volvo, used the S70 for years while I was driving the country, never let me down once.

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    BMW diesel turbos can break up and cause severe engine damage (c3k) bill. Usually good for 125k though. 1.5k to replace if do before rotor actually breaks up. May also need new dampers around 110-120k (as any car would).

    Other than that it is a great car, economical and should be good for over 200k with no significant issues. If you run it to 200-240k the reduced depreciation will more than justify the cost of turbo and damper renewal.

    Key is having a BMW technican to service who isen't carging you dealer rates!

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    My mate who travels up and down the country uses a VW Passat estate. 53 plate and has done over 213,000 miles. Has a 1.9tdi engine and returns approx 45mpg.

    He loves it and has spent next to no money on it.

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    If you want a very reliable motor that has been well put together and not ugly and not french

    BUY HONDA !!!


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    Honda, they just joined the recall mob big time in the States

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    I did 325,000 miles in my pre-GM Saab 900 until I killed it in 2' water It never missed a beat but towards the end, the woeful fuel consumption was an issue as petrol prices went up and up. Volvo's are good too - my parents have driven them for the last 40 years with no problems other than a teenage me denting a couple of them. They even look decent these days - a million miles for the 'boxy but safe' designs.

    A mechanic mate says there's only one car to drive if you want total reliability and that's a Honda (although they've just recalled rather a lot of them today ).


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    For a very reliable, economic work car, something like a fresh SH Merc C220/250/270 is the ticket, easy on fuel and very reliable.

    Alternatives (despite recent press) are the Toyota Avensis or a VW Passat.

    The problem with all modern cars is maintenance. The average mechanic just cannot work on new cars anymore. The first tool any mechanic needs now is a laptop with the appropriate diagnostic software. You need a "technican" from a main dealer who does "homers".

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    Get an AUDI always regret getting rid of mine, far nice that a BMW not much in the price difference either, but I'd have an AUDI over a BMW anyday.

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