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Thread: Anyone getting rid of S&B 8 x 56 and or ill/ or 2.5-10 x

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    Anyone getting rid of S&B 8 x 56 and or ill/ or 2.5-10 x

    Decided finances wont let me get a zennith so just have to go with reg or illmtd I reckon, anyone changing out their scope let me know if possible, thanks

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    Zenith "mint" 3-12x50 illuminated flash dot. 950 posted.

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    S&B 3-12x50, 30 mm tube, No7 reticle, A1 condition, Boxed 650

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    have a look on Contact baz hes about to put one in the for sale section there.

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    I have an 8x56 (H) no. 4 ret.
    It has been sent back to S&B for a minor fault to be fixed.
    I was told about a month, which was a week ago.
    So if your not in a hurry...

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    i have in stock a schmidt 8x56
    30mm tube
    A7 ret

    brand new

    600 delivered

    steve hunter

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    I have an German S&B 3-12x50 Illuminated L7 Fine reticule, 30mm tube bought in September for 1206.
    Asking for 800 plus P&P whatever that cost at the time.
    I've checked the Sportsman at the week-end and this 'scope now has a price tag of 1,232.22 and they reckon there isn't much room to move discount wise!!!

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