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Thread: Hi to all fellow hunters, a service you may be interested in

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    Hi to all fellow hunters, a service you may be interested in


    To all fellow hunters and dog trainers.
    We are a husband and wife team, who have a passion for all things hunting and shooting with a particular passion for HPRS. Currently I am training a young female Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer (SRHP) who is coming on really well and all things being equal,will be ready for the new shooting season. We have also, sourced a second young female SRHP from Slovakia; she is currently training in her country of origin for her ultimate breed test. Many of you, will of course know, that this involves various water and field tests including blood tracking. This brings me nicely, to how we maybe of assistance to other like-minded hunter/shooters. Fortunate, to have an agent and good friend in Europe we believe between us, we are able to source the very best in hunting dogs from Europe; anything from German Hunting Terriers to Bavarian Mountain Hounds. Our agent has a wealth of experience in exporting dogs to many countries including the UK and a significant resource to source dogs fully or part trained in there various discipline or as puppy’s for those that prefer to do it them selves. We offer the complete package including animal passport, vaccination, microchip and travel, pickup from our kennels or deliver to yours.
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    Welcome to the site, good luck with your new venture.

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    Hi, Nice looking dogs in your gallery.
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    Thank you for your comments Greatly appreciated Regards

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    Great to see something new and a problem addressed from another angle

    Good luck and all the best

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    Thank you for your comments

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