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Thread: wildcat p8 thread

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    wildcat p8 thread

    im in the process of getting a new rifle and it has a 14x1 thread instead of the 1/2" that my p8 has for my old rifle, i see i can buy a new part for the mod that would use the 14x1 thread but its 60 quid , do you think a gun smith could re thread my original mod or do i have to spend more of my hard earned lol

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    1/2 "=12.6mm , should leave enough meat for a recut with a 14mm tap .my wildcat strips down to bits n pieces so a good smith should be able to do the required amount of work without hassle atb

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    I was in a similar situation and my local RFD swapped them around for me, he kept the old one. No money changed hands......

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    as Tozzybum states there is enough meat left to re thread iv just had it done

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    Thanks lads il take it in to gunsmith and hopefully he can do it , I'd rather get the mod done than get barrel re threaded
    cheers again

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    As stated above, make sure theres enough barrel thickness, plus its much easier the swap the threads on the mod.


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    spoke to gunsmith and he said its an easy job to re cut the threads on the mod so happy days
    cheers lads

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