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Thread: Stalker training

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    Stalker training

    I know this is a very touchy subject for some, and the point of the thread is not to start a debate on whether we need documentation to shoot, or which path to certification is the best, but would welcome opinions. Part of what I do to fund my stalking is run an City and Guilds NVQ centre.

    The reason I like NVQ (although I have completed my DSC1) is that it is evidence based in that you do what you know how to do, and the evidence taken from that gets you the award. Ideal for those who know their stuff and need it documented, or those who are capable but not academically minded.

    Anyway, a stalking friend of mine has asked me to add the Deer Stalking NVQ to my centres portfolio and I was wondering what kind of interest there is in this award?

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    I have heard of this qualification only once before. When I looked into it, I could find no information on it.

    I know this does not help, but the qualification should be industry standard. If it is, then excellent, but it is not well known about, therefore a little advertising could help.

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    hi bud i for one dont like the idea of a certificate to shoot why 1 i have shot most of my life and personaly dont think there is eney one with a bit of paper thats more experienced than i am without a certificate example if i shoot say 100beasts a year you have your dsc 1 and you shoot 20a year are you a better stalker than i am. yet you can shoot forestrey comision land i cant .yet i do more deer per year than you i firmley beleve that the dsc1 etc will reduce stalking not boost it as 1 there are a lot of people who cannot aford it 2 by doing so its going to be them and us senario 3 if the law gets involved then every one will have to have it or they will not get deer on ther ticket 4 im dislexic and throe no falt of my own i cannot remember dates etc so if i went on a course id have no chance of remembering the deer dates its the wife who keeps me on the right side of the law so its not for me yes im about to blown to bits for this post im not saying im the best stalker in the world and yes there are others out there with the same experience i have but shooting is a sport for every one not just the chosen few if we put to meney restrictons on our sport then the future of our sport is buggered there is two meney deer and not enughf stalkers as is more paper work on the wall is not more deer in the larder sorrey for the spelling and hope you get my point in why i dont think deer courses are the way to go regards rob

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    As far as I know there isn't a Deer Stalking NVQ. There is a NVQ Unit 'Stalk and Cull Deer' as an optional unit in the NVQ3 Gamekeeping:


    A quick search of the Accredited Qualifications database - including both current and lapsed awards - shows a nil return for searches for 'deer' and 'stalking'


    I'd ask your mate what qualification he is on about. I suspect that, like so many others, he is confusing the DSC Level1 & 2 awards with NVQs. If that is the case the question really is how much demand is there for DSC1 & 2? I would suggest moving your centre to Scotland, if it ain't there already.

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    its a hard one but i aggree there should be some training of some kind.
    i know there are stalkers who dont agree with dsc1-2 who have done it for years and thats fine but new comers should have to do some training befor they get a fac, or shotgun for that matter.
    I know of a lad who fancyed a shot gun so he goined a club and got one as simple as that. ok thats fine but he was talking to me the other day and telling me he was out shooting on a farm and saw some small phesants things in a group so he had a shot but missed. now thats scary.
    out of season and sounded like partrige to me but cound have been field fairs now he fancys a rifle, so you see where im coming from, training of some sort is a good idea.....

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    As time goes forward, so do the standards that are expected of us, & by US I mean all who shoot, wether it be clays / paper or live quarry, this is only going to go further in the same direction, as to those of us who consider ourselves quite happy to be "doing it without the paper qualifications", eventually, there will be a situation where you will need at least the very basics to continue with your chosen sport, It's human nature to take the ump when questioned wether we are fit to practice, my Dad just had to retest to drive, he was a little bit browned off to say the least, I have to complete a medical regularly to retain my entitlement to class one group (another bit of paper), but I get a much better response from landowners when producing the deerstalking & meat hygiene papers, along with mod range officer tickets, than I used to get way back in my youth, when all I had to show was a pocketful of ammunition. As to having difficulties with reading writing & math, (math being my greatest downfall), help is available & should not be considered as charity or an embarrasment, it is a right. Steve.

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    I completely agree with what finnbear says, like it or not i do believe its only a matter of time before you will need DSC to get deer on your ticket.

    Paper qualifications are the way of the world now, ive been in the building trade for over 20 years and in the past year have had to take an NVQ to show i know what im doing(ive had lads working with me who have only been in the job 3 years and are "on paper" more qualified than i am)

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    i dont think like many others that you should have to have your dsc 1 on your ticket to be able to shoot deer, i have never taken it and the police were satisfied by a letter from another well known stalker saying i was at a level where as i could stalk competently. i agree that this is not ideal but i dont think that the dsc 1 is either after all you dont even shoot a animal to gain the qualification. the answer of what needed is not simple and to be honest i dont know the answer but what does grip me a bit is that you can recive your fac on monday and have a .30-06 on tuesday with no rifle knowledge at all and i do belive that you should serve an aprentaship with rimfire for a year or 2 before you are accepted for a centre fire then maybe another year after that you can go on to deer so as you have atleast a little rifle knowledge before you even think of deer stalking

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    main qualifaction should be expreiance with someone who has the knowledge and fieldcraft. I was lucky enough to be born in the countryside and stalked rabbits etc for many years.most are not so lucky but I firmly belive every would be stalker needs a mentor not just book and paper qualifications.I act as acc witness and have seen some who think becouse they have shot three or four deer they should have level 2.
    this cannot be right. I served 5 years as apprentice to cut and join wood nine years to HND building on dey release. To rely on paper certs does not mean mutch to me.

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    Wraith, the benefit of an NVQ is that (generally speaking) it is what you do that counts, not whether you can spell or write and, as Finnbear says, any assessor must take account of your own personal abilities.

    Bandit, although I am Scots I moved south some 20 odd years ago, cant see me moving back anytime soon, tho may visit to stalk if I can sort it out. I asked the same question today and it is the game keeping NVQ he is talking about, which may be of more use to some and less to others, I am still chasing up the info.

    As for the other comments, I know exactly what has been said, my industry is full of people straight out of college/ university who have no practical experience but still feel able to tack the Engineer on to their name. However, despite what we feel, I think the writing is on the wall as far as some sort of qualification and I genuinely believe that NVQs, because they are based on real life experience, are the best of a bad lot.

    I freely admit that, although I know my way round a rifle, hold my DSC1 and can punch paper with the best of them, there are guys out there who, despite having no 'paper' to their name , could leave me for dead in the ability stakes.

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