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    Good Books

    right guys , off on holls later on ,so can you recomend any good books , last year read 3 of jim corbbets books , so something like them would be good , must be true and not made up bull**** , happy to buy a couple if you have read any and wont to sell , thanks in advance arron.

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    A good read

    Michael Palin....Himalaya is a goodun too.
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    Out of Nowhere - History of the Military Sniper by Martin Pegler

    Out of Nowhere (General Military): Martin Pegler: Books

    Possibly depends where you're going though........



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    cheers for that , just orderd of amazon, any more suggestions

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    Attachment 43898Attachment 43899Attachment 43900Attachment 43901Attachment 43902Attachment 43903Attachment 43904 two books hardback arron first five pics from premier gunmakers last from encyclopedia of shooting,30quid all in?
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    With British Snipers, to the Reich,by Clifford Shore (ISBN: 9781258120658)

    Schnaufer: Ace of Diamonds

    by Peter Hinchcliffe
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