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Thread: Muntjac in Cheshire !

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    Muntjac in Cheshire !

    Well we now have proof, lets hope there's more .
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    Mmmm. Is it not illegal to release Muntjac in to the wild? Well done RSPCA????

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    "baby deer" lmfao!

    I wonder what the mature muntjac buck in velvet would have to say about being called a baby?!


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    Interesting, they have been in the Dane valley for a while and suspected around Rossetti on the other side of Chester. Heading our way?

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    I find it interesting that it appears taken as read that muntjac are present in the Dane valley.

    Does this inform simply come from the bds census, or can any members give first hand evidence of any culls/rtas in that area?


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    Quote Originally Posted by glenure View Post
    Mmmm. Is it not illegal to release Muntjac in to the wild? Well done RSPCA????
    I take it that RSPCA will now prosecute itself for the breach...???

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    A couple of years ago, I operated a quarry near Delamere, the guy on the weigh bridge said he saw one flash across the Fishpool junction early morning, & I used to back blade the quarry floor last thing to prevent wheel ruts freezing hard, I have seen munty slots in the sand, be interesting to know at what point the deer got into the water, as it would be difficult to get out for around three miles either way.
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    nice to know, having said that i have never seen any signs or seen one anywhere in cheshire ,not seen any roe either,

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    The farmer up the lane from me delivered hay to a horse lady in Delamare forest and while he was there she asked him to look at the two baby deer in her garden they were muntjacs this was the dane valley side of delamare

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    I shot one in Cheshire 3 years ago and have seen another 2 since near where I shot the first 1. I have also seen 2 dead on the road so they are established in Cheshire.


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