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Thread: Best stuff for boots?

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    Best stuff for boots?

    Hi all, I bought a pair of harkila gtx pro hunters last year specifically for going to Scotland and they are superb, great ankle support and 99 percent waterproof . But I lost the tin of wax that I had for them and they feel a touch stiff now. At 280 I want to keep them for a while. So the best stuff for a nubuck type leather?

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    Grangers.... NOT wax it will ruin the breathability of the Gore tex.

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    At 280 a pair go on the Harkilla site and buy what THEY recommend

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray7756 View Post
    At 280 a pair go on the Harkilla site and buy what THEY recommend
    As above or visit a proper mountain outfitters and ask their advice

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    Now there's an idea! Ps heard grangers wasn't suitable?

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    I have a pair of Le Chameau Mouflon boots which ive had for probably 7years! they have been through all sorts of abuse and i have never cleaned or treated them, and they have never let water in!
    However i do threaten them with a good clean and wax/leather treatment but just never get around to it.
    So im also interested in what to get.

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    Used to put goose fat on my walking boots, but I suppose they don't make them out of leather anymore...

    (Ooops, maybe should have posted that in the "You know you're getting older when..." thread )

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersport View Post
    good old fashiond dubbin
    And ruin the Gore Tex breathable membrane.

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    I highly recommend Mink oil , it's thin enough to soak in well but also lasts . Can also be used on all your other leather stuff including leather front trousers if you've got any.

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