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Thread: 'Surviving the Cut' Quest tv

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    'Surviving the Cut' Quest tv

    Firstly, I did wonder if it was a reality programme about men having had vasectomies (but it wasn't)

    Last night's episode focussed on US Marines looking to become Scout Snipers; their use of fieldcraft being just one interesting element of their selection process, but their marksmanship tests were exceptional...multiple shots at various unknown ranges out past 700 yards with only five seconds to take the shot again if they missed.

    Apart from the incessant adverts (and then obligatory catch up sequences...American TV producers please note: we dont all have the attention span of goldfish), it was an interesting piece.

    Should be on Quest On-Demand or similar I would imagine

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    I remember watching a prog on sniper selection over here.
    One guy got Ridiculously close to the spotting team when taking his shots.
    They didn't spot him but he got failed as they reckoned he had little/no chance of getting away and these guys are high value assets.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Interesting programme, I saw it on Netflix a few weeks ago.

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