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    cant wait till the 1st of next month, been watching some nice stags on the open hilll including one still almost black, anyone else seen this at this time of year, last year we spotted 3 the same in june july time

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    Hi Skywull

    Unusual colour for them at this time of year but there used to be quite a lot of stags that colour down the Tweed. When I lived up there I was told that it was the result of importing one particular stag into the park at Dawyck. I believe it was from the island of Kerama in Japan where the majority of the animals were black. I have shot quite a few animals that colour and in August their black coats seemed quite soft to the touch.
    The Badger

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    good luck if you can survive the midge clouds!

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    if thats all that worried me id never go out the door

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